Finding a Suitable Apartment

Maybe one day you may have to take residence in an apartment like my spouse and I had to. After living in our own home we were clueless as to what to look for or to expect. What I can give you is, advice on a lesson learned in hopes your experience will be a better one than mine.

There are numerous websites that offer apartment ratings. Check these out for your desired living area. Don’t trust the managements opinion as they get paid for each tenant that signs up with a lease. When you locate a area and apartment, be wary of freshly painted apartments. We looked at a apartment that was just painted and fumes were strong, later to notice a horrid stench in common hall that was there prior but was masked by the paint, as well as stagnant water in the dishwasher which we were told was a stain. For us it was too late as we signed the lease.

Another Tip would be to visit the apartment complex at night. Most tenants work during the day and it is quiet. But at night you will have a good idea of the noise level generated by tenants living there now. Maybe if you visit another time during the day, and see someone strolling the grounds walking their pet or child, ask their opinion, if I had done so, I found many were honest and told me if I had asked them they would of told me the truth.

If there is a basement in the apartment building, go down stairs and look everywhere. Check the joists above for water leak and any mold that may be forming there , as I had not done so and later was shocked at what I had seen. Also do a free check of the sex offenders in area as well, I was surprised as to how many were living near me and didn’t know it, as I was told it was a very safe place to live. I look back now and see all the mistakes I made and when you need a place to live sometimes you overlook the obvious and are not careful.

Take time and research, the web is a wonderful place for information and one would be surprised at the input tenants leave behind , be it warning or a good rating. Use the information and seek your next home with caution, and you can have a peaceful living arrangement.

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