Shigeyoshi Sakamoto

Overall Producer

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Ever since joining Avex in 2008, Sakamoto has been in charge of starting up new lines of business, executing those events, as well as alliance affairs. Till today, other than “STAR ISLAND”, he has also been played a part in many of Avex’s innovative events, such as the next-generation esports tournament “RAGE”, “Diner en Blanc”, “WANDERLUST”, high school beauty pageants etc., and is active as a producer.

Kenji Kohashi

Creative Producer

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Born in Tokyo on 19 August 1979. He made his debut in the entertainment industry at 8 years old. After having played roles in numerous dramas, movie and stage titles, he decided to put his acting career on a hiatus in 2007. While travelling around the world, he acquired inspiration along the way, which led him to start producing movies and events. In 2012, he made his debut as a movie director with the feature-length movie “DON’T STOP!” This very same movie won 2 awards at the SKIP City International D-cinema Festival, namely the SKIP City award, and the SKIP City D-cinema Project award. He had held positions of Creative Director for “ULTRA JAPAN”, and General Producer for “Star Island”, and is also involved in the planning and operations for international-scale events and urban development etc.

Hiroyoshi Uruma

Show Director

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Uruma has had a hand in show choreography, content creation and production, from creations with the aim of promoting to entertainment events, in multiple genres such as artiste concerts, fashion shows, exhibitions etc. With his theme of “a continued emotional experience”, he places emphasis on the entertainment and plot factors, while weaving in gimmicks of cutting-edge technology, video effects and music, to maximise the performance of artistes and casts of various genres. “SKY FASHION SHOW feat, GUCCI” was featured in TIME magazine under Surprise Photo 100. At the “1st JACE Award”, an event whereby the Japanese Association for the Promotion of Creative Events (JACE) recognizes excellence in events both local and overseas, Uruma won the “Award for Impactful Advertising”. In recent years, he does not limit himself to event production, but is also expanding his involvement in nurturing and producing artistes.

Kazuyuki Ito (KISsonix)

Sound Director

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Ito debuted as a composer in 1982 when he was scouted by Warner Pioneer. Alongside writing pieces for artistes, Ito pursued an artiste career himself. Up till today, he has written and produced music for numerous television commercials. In the late 1980s, he set up Composer House Productions, Inc. to begin R&D on stereophony. In 1996, he kickstarted his own music unit MISSING RING. For a duration of 7 years since 1997, Ito was in charge of planning and producing a music contest programme on Sky PerfecTV! Other than being a commentator and a regular on the programme, he was also directing it and heading content creation. Today, he is active as a multi-creator, dealing with music & sound effects, video production and multi-audio mixing.


Laser Engineer

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YAMACHANG began his career as a laser/lighting artist in 2000. He is active in a variety of fields, from designing installations requested by corporations, to the underground clubbing scene. His play style is one that revolves around the method of “colour=melody”, ”light and dark = rhythm”, together with incorporating many years of experienced improvisation, to provide a cutting-edge impression to his audience. YAMACHANG utilizes a variety of devices from analogue machines to the newest lighting systems, and aims to create a wide variety of expressions that are not restricted by boundaries. He has backed-up the performances of artistes and DJs with his skills, by helping them to create an extension of their concerts’ worldview, and has since won over their trust. He belongs to the creator group by the name of REALROCKDESIGN.


Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks Co., Ltd.

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A well-established fireworks maker representative of Japan, Marutamaya Co. began producing fireworks for visual entertainment in the last years of the Edo period. Through exporting Japanese fireworks overseas, they have repeatedly introduced and spread the brilliance of the Japanese culture of hanabi to the world. Their specialty fireworks include the hanaguruma (in 8 directions), ringiku, time-difference fireworks etc. In recent years, they have achieved success in city-scape entertainment shows like “Star Island” and “Tokyo Music Hanabi”, as well as launched from boats, and are therefore experienced in working within unique regulations. They are developing and furthering themselves as a fireworks maker that has established friendly relations with Japan’s top and next-generation hanabi artisans.

Beniya Aoki Fireworks Co., Ltd.

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A fireworks production company headed by Akio Aoki, who is regarded as the modern-day “god of fireworks”. He first made a name for himself through the exquisite beauty of the kikuhanagata (chrysanthemum-flower-shaped) fireworks, and is the first person to complete the shell for yaeshin in Japan. When it comes to productions that synchronize music and fireworks, he has tremendous motivation in developing new mesmerizing ways to display fireworks. In recent years, fireworks by Beniya Aoki was well-received at the Montreal Games, as well as the International Fireworks Symposium, held about once every 2 years, in Japan. They have pushed the limits and upped the quality of Japanese fireworks, and in the area of choreography and presentation, they have become a fireworks production company that Japan prides herself with internationally. The person from Beniya Aoki responsible for presentation and choreography is Hideo Hirayama, the hanabi artisan most suited to craft the worldview for Future Hanabi Entertainment STAR ISLAND SINGAPORE COUNTDOWN EDITION. He has worked with Marugo and Marutamaya Ogatsu on numerous occasions, all of whom share pride in Japanese fireworks. In order to create a production at the highest level, Beniya Aoki and its hanabi artisans are essential creators of this show.


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Having recently championed the Hanabi World Cup, it is without doubt that Marugo produces top-class fireworks. They are also known as the fireworks makers that mesmerized many with their power of expression that extends beyond a given worldview’s themes and imagery. Their time-difference fireworks that emits strong light has special characteristics to them; their formation and ability to manipulate the space upon buursting,  gives a boost to the entertainment level of any fireworks musical. With their ability to flexibly adapt to the requirements on-site, they have achieved numerous successes in choreography, as well as fireworks launches. The name of Marugo is so well-known out of Japan, that overseas fireworks experts actually make the trip to Japan just to view their fireworks displays.
“>With Satoshi Saiki as the main hanabi artisan, whose constant stance is to pursue “even better hanabi”, Marugo and its hanabi artisans are the best pick of people who will make STAR ISLAND an even more attractive entertainment event.
As mentioned before, Marugo, Beniya Aoki and Marutamaya Ogatsu all share the same passion and sentiments for Japanese fireworks. We believe that having all 3 companies involved will bring the spectacle to greater heights.