How to Stage Your Home When Trying to Rent it Out

Have you ever considered home staging in order to get your home rented faster? Many choose to use staging as a way to get their home sold faster, but very few ever consider using staging in order to get their home rented out. You can arrange the home and organize it, in a way that would give prospective tenants more of an idea of how the home is going to look. Since the market has been pretty bad for those trying to sell their homes, many desperately need to get their home rented out to recoup some of their income. The ideas and suggestions listed below may prove to be helpful when it comes to staging your home to rent it out.

Home staging makes your home looks much more presentable

The first suggestion is to add a bit of color to the rental. Of course you don’t want to go too bright, but nice neutral colors would be best. Most rental homes just have white walls. By adding just a little bit of color to the walls, you will make the rental home seem more appealing. The most popular colors are a tan, or even a light brown for the walls. Visit your local paint store and take a look at the different color options that they have available. You may be surprised at how many options you really have.

Another tip is to put out some artificial flowers. This is not expensive to do, but will add a little extra touch to the home when you are showing it to potential renters. You can use artificial flowers or real flowers. Place several vases through the home. You will want a few in the living room and a few in the bedroom. I have even found that putting some in the bathroom is a nice extra added touch. Putting up a nice decorative shower curtain can also add a nice touch to the bathroom. You can even get a cheap bathroom set that includes the toilet cover and rug. Since they will only be their during the showing of the home, you will not have to worry about them ever looking worn down. You can lay all the items in the bathroom and remove them once you have rented the home. It really helps the potential renter see what the place can look like.

You will also want to be sure that you don’t have any junk or clutter in any of the closets or rooms. If you were using one of the closet spaces for storage clean this area out before you start showing the home. This will allow the potential renters to see how much space they will actually have in the home. If you have carpet in the room, you will want to freshen it up by renting a professional carpet cleaner and giving it a good cleaning. For the living room area you can rent furniture so that potential renters can see how to use the space. Just let them know that the furniture is for staging purposes only.

The landscaping should also get some attention. You will want the yard to be neatly cut and to have all of the weeds removed. Hedges should be nicely trimmed as well as any bushes. Families who will be using the yard want to see it in good condition when looking at a potential rental property. These are just a few ideas and suggestions on how to help your rental property really stand out in a tough market.